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T   S  SH  R  K   TS TS                              


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Hebrew reads from right to left. There is no CH like Cheese in Hebrew.
so CH
lfj is more like how the composer Bach's name ends in a gutteral.

TS .m is like the zz in Pizza or how TS at the end of Heats sounds. 

We hear it most often in English at the end of words: meets, seats, beats, treats.


Hebrew has final letters to indicate the ends of words. 

These finals are CHl, M o, Ni, F; and TS. known as 

Final Choff, Final Mem, Final Nun, Final Fay and Final Tsadee

M  L  CH CH  K   Y   T   CH 

Z    V   H   D   G  V  B Silent 

F    F   P Silent S   N  N   M

Hebrew Alef-Bet
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